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Health System Scan

The Hungarian Health System Scan newsletter deals with the most important changes of Hungarian healthcare and health policy, including legislation, reforms, and their outcomes. The newsletter is published whenever important events take place in the Hungarian health system. You may use any segment of the publication or any information contained therein if you cite the Hungarian Health System Scan as the source. If you wish to receive the newsletter on a regular basis, please send your e-mail address.
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EuprimecareQuality and Cost of Primary Care in Europe The overall objective of the Euprimecare project is to describe different primary care models in EU, assess their quality in different dimensions – particularly in access, equity, appropriateness and satisfaction -, determine their cost and analyse the links between quality and cost in each model by using research methods. Further information

EUnetHTA program

eunethtaFrom January 2010, the ESKI participates in the EUnetHTA program.
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IMEA - Internet-based Hungarian Health Datawarehouse
In this datawarehouse you find various data on Hungarian health care. You can make queries, tables and maps in several views and with several methods. Further information
IMEA Internet-based Hungarian Health Datawarehouse

Tables of basic data

The following pages illustrate tables of basic time serial data on the Hungarian health care system:
- Main data of vital statistics 1950-2009
- Health insurance contributions 1993-2011
- Activity of the health care delivery system 1994-2009
- Revenues of Health Insurance Fund 1993-2011
- Expenditures of Health Insurance Fund 1993-2011
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Medical Tourism in Hungary

Hungary has ancient traditions, outstanding facilities and internationally acknowledged achievements in the field of medical tourism due to the wide range of natural treasures and heritages possessed by the country. Further information

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The Directorate General of IT and Health System Analysis (IRF) coordinates health sector IT, ensures the multi-purpose use of sectoral data assets, analyzes health systems from an international perspective, and maintains the National Health Science Library. Further information

In the spirit of the approach of the new health policy and the structural changes in healthcare (HC), some of the HC related background institutes of the Ministry of National Resources shall continue their actvities in economic cooperation. Further information


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